Offices Coast to Coast

  • The ISU Unique Competitive Advantage™
    Selectively Awarded to Superior Independent Agencies

  • The Independent Insurance Agency Members of the ISU Insurance Agency Network are committed to quality and excellence in all we do. The ISU Unique Competitive Advantage™ is awarded only to qualified, well established and highly successful Independent Agencies with at least $1,000,000 of revenue.
  • The power of our Member’s Independence and the Strength of our combined Unity allows ISU Members to prosper and thrive by capitalizing on the strengths and resources of a national organization combined with their local presence and independence to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences and the Client’s best value for their premium…
  • …it’s the best of both worlds!
  • $4.5 Billion in written premiums
  • 2,600 Professionals
  • 192 Offices
  • 34 States
  • 300+ Carriers

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