CEO's Letter

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about The ISU Insurance Agency Network. This is an unprecedented time in the independent agency business. Whereas past generations could comfortably rely on their renewals and overall inertia of the industry, today's climate doesn't afford that luxury. On the contrary, today's independent agent must act, and act decisively, in order to experience meaningful growth and success.

For over a quarter of a century, ISU has focused on helping independent agents stay independent while reaching higher plateaus of success. In recent years, this has meant taking advantage of two notable trends: (1) the utilization of technology; and (2) the insurance companies' willingness to explore innovative methods of distribution. I am pleased to say that our ability to adapt our model to these changes has spurred significant growth in our network over the last five years.

We know there are many options available to the independent agent considering affiliation with a larger group and/or increasing their access to insurance companies. ISU is certainly not for every agency and vice versa. However, for the growth-oriented agency that wants to benefit from greater access to insurance companies, utilize the power of a national image and be affiliated with some of the truly high-quality agents in the industry, learning more about our network may very well be worth your time.

Just as you are determined to see your business continue to flourish, we embrace the opportunity to continue our expansion now and for years to come. I strongly encourage you to contact our organization and see if we can assist each other in our respective desires for continued success.


T.J. Ryan III


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