Member Advantages

Remain independent and have full control of day-to-day operations as a 100% locally owned agency

One of the core principles upon which ISU was founded is the respect for the value independently owned and operated agencies provide. Our main focus has always been to allow agencies to thrive and succeed while remaining independent, which is more important than ever in today's marketplace. Our hope is to continue expanding our community of the highest-quality independent agencies who desire to reap the benefits of a national affiliation with like-minded professionals while still controlling their own destiny.


Receive full 100% commission when accessing ISU preferred carriers

Unlike many other organizations, ISU does not keep any portion of your agency commissions. Why would you want to penalize yourself by giving up more and more of your revenues as you continue to grow your business? ISU Members always receive 100% of the commissions on every risk they place through our preferred carriers.


Participate in profit-sharing agreements without any premium volume requirement

Under our consolidated contracts, you are eligible for profit-sharing from the first dollar in. Upon joining, virtually every one of our Members realized they had at least one, if not several, direct appointments that could not qualify for any contingency bonuses on their own. By rolling these books of business into ISU, our Members continued to receive the fully agency commission but now also received sizable profit-sharing bonuses as well. Many of our Members found that just the profit-sharing earned solely through these existing accounts provided a profitable return on their annual ISU investment.


Have the freedom to maintain current company appointments

When a Membership is awarded, the new Member is not required to give up any company appointments. Independent agents naturally voice their hesitation about many organizations and clusters which require an agency to give up all their prior appointments as a prerequisite for joining. In contrast, we give our Members the autonomy to decide for themselves how to proceed on a market by market basis.


Directly interact with insurance company underwriters

After an initial period of quality control to ensure a new Members professionalism is up to the standards insurance companies expect from ISU, our Members may interact directly with those markets they desire. Members are given on-line BOP rating capabilities; sub-producer codes, when merited; and the ability to always follow up on a submission directly with an underwriter.


Utilize a national image to distinguish yourself from the competition for new clients and the best personnel

The most distinguishing factor about our Network is the ability of our Members to enhance their name and image by making it a national one. Our Members enjoy the unique competitive advantage of providing their clients with the high level of customer service inherent in local ownership and the strengths and resources of a national firm. As an ISU Member, you immediately position yourself in a more compelling fashion to prospective clients. Additionally, our Members find that the same attributes which appeal to prospects are also attractive to high-quality producers. When a producer is offered greater access to markets, a better story to tell at the point of sale and the other benefits of ISU, they are more apt to choose working for your agency.


Enjoy the security of a guaranteed perpetuation option with significant potential for tax savings

All of our Membership Agreements include a Member's right to sell/ISU obligation to buy clause. This is always the Member's right, meaning you are never obligated to sell to us (or give us a first right of refusal), however if you ever chose to do so, we are obligated to purchase your agency. This is mainly included as a line of safety for a worst-case scenario where the principal of the agency becomes deceased or otherwise unable to work. Moreover, ISU has an Employee Stock Ownership Trust (ESOT), which can be used as a vehicle for mergers with the potential for the merging agency to defer paying capital gains taxes. So when the time comes for you to give sincere consideration to your perpetuation options, ISU can be a very viable option.


Access an industry knowledge base comprised of over 1,000 professionals

Feedback from our Members suggests that one of the most appreciated features of ISU is the ability to access each other for knowledge and resources. We have always strived to build an organization comprised of the most professional agencies who share a common feeling of high camaraderie and esprit de corps. This manifests itself in part because our Members are not allowed to go after each other's accounts or employees, and because all our offices embrace a common national name and image. Our Members are constantly providing information and assistance to each other with respect to advice on handling specific risks, accessing certain insurance companies, etc.


Benefit from special vendor relationships created so ISU members may best serve their client

Due to the high quality of our Members, The ISU Insurance Agency Network is quite attractive to vendors who may provide meaningful ways to enhance the management of risk of ISU Member clients. For example, ISU has created a relationship with LawRoom, which provides easily available answers to a multitude of HR/legal questions at discounted rates. Also, we recently entered a relationship with Premium Financing Specialists to create ISU Premium Finance Services. This branded product allows preferred base rates and premium tiers and other convenient features for our Members who finance their clients' premiums.


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