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Exclusive Program for Business Services

ISU National Association of Small Employers is a non-profit association formed for the express purpose of providing smaller employers with industry specific insurance, risk management and loss containment services.

This ISU non-profit organization is the vehicle through which superior insurance products and services can be made available to its membership.

Created because the individual small business owner is being distracted from his basic business by the ever-growing complexity of today's legal environment. The complexity of which threatens every business owner.

Until now no such organization existed to deliver all types of insurance and risk management services from One Responsible Source™.

With over 1,300 business owners in your industry, you can be assured the ISU program is responsive to your needs.

No longer must the business owner contend only with the consequences of accidents and Acts of God. Because our States and Federal governments pass untold numbers of laws each year, the violation of which, known as Wrongful Acts of the business owner, can destroy a life's work.

Small business owners have had little help in the struggle to protect their businesses with myriad insurance contracts, none of which is easily understood even if one is inclined to read them. In addition, they frequently have to contend with multiple providers/agents.

With superior products designed for specific industries, you can count on lower total costs to help you stay competitive and successful in your particular field of business.

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