November 2008 News

ISU Group Introduces ISU Commuter

San Francisco, CA, November 21, 2008 PR Newswire / -- The ISU Group, a recognized leader in the Insurance industry for over 20 years with over 100 offices coast to coast has expanded their product and service offering with ISU Commuter.

"ISU Insurance Services continues to provide our clients and members with tax savings, value, convenience, superior products, services and knowledge related to the employee benefits portfolios," announced its CEO, TJ Ryan, III. "ISU Commuter provides a cost-effective and convenient way for employers to offer employees the opportunity to pay for certain transportation expenses on a pre-tax basis under Internal Revenue Code Section 132 and the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21). In a city such as San Francisco, ISU Commuter supports The City and County of San Francisco's adoption of a new ordinance as of September 21, 2008, making it mandatory for businesses to administer a Commuter Benefits program by January 19, 2009."

ISU Commuter provides employers with a solution for ordering commuter products nationwide and manages all fulfillment and direct delivery to participants. ISU Commuter not only increases the value to your employees' benefits portfolio but saves you money. ISU Commuter provides employees with the ability to save up to 40% of their commuting costs while employers save on their payroll taxes.

ISU Commuter is a fully compliant, comprehensive prog©ram for Section 132(f) (*) commuter benefits. ISU Commuter is available nationwide to employers of all sizes.

About ISU

Established in 1978 and headquartered in San Francisco, The ISU Group is an employee owned insurance and financial services company. The ISU Network, as it is commonly called, has over 100 offices coast to coast and remains the nation's most respected and recognized Independent Insurance Agency group in the country. Our Knowledge is Your Best Insurance™.

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